Liveaboard Experiences in the Red Sea: Egypt and Sudan


red sea safari

Away from the office. Signal occasionally. No e-mails, no phones. Yesterday you was still sitting in the office in your uncomfortably tight blouse and desperately struggled all day with colleagues. So drastic change! As far as the eye can see, sky-blue sea. White, sandy beach of the uninhabited islands. The much-talked-about coral reefs, and of course the fishes…they are amazing! The life is not much…eat, sleep, dive!


red sea safari The liveaboard experience certainly spoils divers. The simplicity of life on the waves coupled with first rate diving and superior service make liveaboards a deservedly popular option. And no where will you find more choice than in the Egyptian Red Sea. From learner divers to hardened tekkies there is a route to suit in the Egyptian Red Sea.


Long gone are the days when divers had to make do. Today’s liveaboards are designed to make your every dream come true. Generous sized cabins, en suite bathrooms, nitrox, water maker, air con – these are just some of the standards you can expect on each and every one of our boats. Have a waterpipe after dive sunsets and your week is certain to be a success, no mater which criteria you judge it by.


red sea safariLiveaboards depart from Hurghada or Marsa Alam, depending on the itinerary. The Northern Red Sea itineraries are ideal if youarenew to this way of dive travel or if you want to visit the many world class wrecks the region is so famed for. The Deep South is a mixture of elegant pinnacles and delicious hard coral gardens. Sail out to any of the Marine Parks for adrenalin fueled drift diving and big fish a plenty. The last night and day of the trip can be spent ashore for a meal or a few drinks.


red sea safariEgypt is rightly famous for its pharaohs, pyramids and last but not least, for its marine life, thanks to spectacular dive sites, great weather and warm waters. The most memorable experiences come from diving safaris onboard diving liveaboards when we travel for a week in luxury and visit untouched sites far from civilisation, the city noise and the office.


A Liveaboard holiday will ensure that divers reach some of the best wrecks and reefs in the world, including world famous dive sites such as the Brothers Island, Deadalus, Elphinstone and St. John’s, as well as historical wrecks, including Rosalie Müller, Salem Express and Thistlegorm.


red sea safariThe Red Sea lies between the continents of Asia and Africa. The Sinai Peninsula sits at its most northerly point and stretches over1000 miles south to join the Indian Ocean, between Ethiopia and Yemen. The southern opening is only a narrow passage that connects the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean, making the Red Sea an almost isolated body of water with a high temperature and salinity.

The Red Sea is home to over 1,000 invertebrate species, many of which can only be found here. More than 1100 species of fish have been identified as well as 200 soft and hard corals.


red sea safariSudan in Africa is one of the most beautiful places in the world to go on a scuba diving vacation any time of the year. New or experienced scuba divers can choose from a variety of areas and destinations. There are untouched coral reefs including the world famous Shaab Rumi where Cousteau conducted his experiments.


There is also the wreck of Umbira, a 150m long WWII ship that sank in quite shallow waters, making her easy to dive. You will see tube sponges and soft corals hanging from the walls and arches of the reefs while you’re scuba diving in Sudan.


red sea safariThe number of boats in Sudan offering diving safaris is about 8-9 (in Egypt there are hundreds), so during the diving tours divers do not meet other boats and do not have to fight for space underwater with other divers. The dives are only for the group and the sites can be enjoyed without the crowds.


red sea safariSudan is mostly famous for its sharks, schools of barracuda, untouched coral reefs and mainly in the south, for the large schools ofhammerheads.


On the last day of the tour when the boat sails back to the harbour, the guests can visit the island of Suakin, which was once the main port city in the Red Sea. Today it is a white virtual ghost town, famous for its houses built from coral “bricks”.


Whatever choice you make, you will not be disappointed. The Egypt’s Red Sea has so much to offer that you will feel you cannot get enough!

Written by Livia Volgyesi. Photos: Szilvia Gogh (with the exception of last two)