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  • scubapro litehawk bcd
  • Editor's Note: I have used this BCD from Antarctica to South Africa. Love the swivel, making it a perfect snug fit, whether I use dry suit or just a bathing suit. It also takes up very little space when packing. These days of travel, it makes a big difference.

    The Scubapro LiteHawk is super fast to put on or take off, which is also an important feature for me as a stunt diver.

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    Map of the Poor Knights Islands

  • New Zealand's
    Poor Knights Island

    The Poor Knights Islands have been my playground for the last half of this year and I am very lucky to be able to dive there as often as I do. The Poor Knights Islands are one of the many marine reserves in New Zealand.

    Today, the Poor Knights Islands are known for the phenomenal marine life concentrated around the underwater cliffs, caves and arches.  The islands are on an intersection of temperate and tropical waters.  The East Australian current comes down from the Coral Sea and turns into the East Auckland current (its still the EAC but who wants it named after Australia?)...

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diversity necklace
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