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      Last time we flew from LA to visit my family in Hungary, we missed our connection in London. As it was the last flight of the day we were stranded. With the tube on strike and a tired baby, we did not have our hopes up about our options. At our airline desk we got lucky and they put us up in a super nice hotel right at terminal 5 (Sofitel). We did not even have to leave the airport, making our unplanned overnight stay a smooth transition, said Szilvia Gogh.


  • stahlsac moyo one
  • Stahlsac Moyo One for GoPro

    GoPro® cameras… How did we ever live without them?  GoPro® is synonymous with adventure video. 

    These rugged little cameras can go just about anywhere, and capture all your adventures in HD…including the underwater kind.  Unless you are a professional videographer, many scuba divers and water enthusiasts opt for the affordable GoPro®  camera. 

  • While GoPro® cameras may seem indestructible, they are not.  Neither are the battery packs, remotes, chargers, LCD BacPac™, and housings.  Most of these items do not react well with water, sand, and bumps. 

    The Moyo is the first line of GoPro®  cases to include a drybag.  Its unique construction can protect the camera and its accessories in any environment.  To make sure you have everything you need, Stahlsac offers three sizes of cases.

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    BE THE VOICE: How Kids Sea Camp Adventures inspired me to become an advocate for the ocean

  • How Kids Sea Camp inspired me to become an advocate for the ocean

    My very first dive will always be in my memory, the very first time I was able to become a part of the underwater world.

    I had been excitedly waiting for that moment, even before I had stepped off the airplane into Grand Cayman’s sun.

    My parents had always spun elaborate tales of their experiences diving and now it was my turn to see the wondrous world they had shared under the waves. On that day of my first dive, the thing that struck me most was that I could actually breathe underwater. I took a deep breath in, to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

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diversity necklace
MISS GOGH'S SILVER SEA JEWELRY: Miss Scuba's Ocean Collection features fine industrial, sterling silver adornments in various ocean themes: both mythical and real. See the collection here!


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